• kranze Maricive
  • kranze Maricive 309EVO
  • kranze Weaval
  • kranze Weaval 100EVO
  • kranze EVITA Klein Form
  • kranze Felsen
  • kranze Felsen
  • kranze Elmar Klein Form
  • kranze Vorteil(クレンツェ ヴォルテイル)
  • kranze Graben(クレンツェ グラベン)
  • kranze Graben Klein Form(クレンツェ グラベン クラインフォルム)
  • kranze Graben(クレンツェ グラベン 680エボ)
  • kranze Acuerdo(クレンツェ アクエルド)
  • kranze Acuerdo 17916inch(クレンツェ アクエルド 17/16インチ)
  • kranze Acuerdo 774EVO(クレンツェ アクエルド 774エボ)
  • kranze Acuerdo 774EVO 17/16inch(クレンツェ アクエルド 774エボ 17/16インチ)
  • kranze VERAE(クレンツェ ヴェラーエ)
  • kranze VERAE 17/16inch(クレンツェ ヴェラーエ 17/16インチ)
  • kranze VERAE 713EVO(クレンツェ ヴェラーエ 713エボ)
  • kranze VERAE 713EVO 17/16inch(クレンツェ ヴェラーエ 713エボ 17/16インチ)
  • kranze ACCESSORIES(クレンツェ アクセサリー)

    • 2018/10/18WedsSport Forged "FT117"
      WedsSport Forged "FT117"Wheel is extremely high-performance sports wheel developed with designed die press, spinning, and shot peening!!
      Pursuing ultimate lightweight and rigidity WedsSport Forged "FT117" Wheel is "Made in Japan" using premium technology suit to every need of motorsport wheel.
      WedsSport Forged "FT117" Weds recommends its high quality and reliability with confidence!
      Contact your authorized dealer listed below!
    • 2018/10/17

      “4WD・SUV” Wheel “WEDS ADVENTURE” Series, equipped Good Design, Function and Safety.  Official Sales Starts for “4WD・SUV” Users in the World!

      “MUD VANCE02” MADE IN JAPAN, Weds recommends its high quality and reliability with confidence!  Contact your nearest authorized dealer!
    • 2018/09/19Now "J&REDS LOGISTICS" in Korea became weds authorized Distributor!!

      4F 405, 105-1, Arayuk-ro 58beon-gil, Gochon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do , Korea
      TEL: +82-10-7558-0101
      FAX: +82-70-8800-7559
      E-mail: jreds_logis@naver.com
    • 2017/09/07Now "Import Monster" in Australia became weds authorized Distributor!!

      Import Monster
      23 Burgess Road Bayswater North Victoria 3153 AUSTRALIA
      TEL: +61 3-9008-0031
      FAX: +61 3-9008-0031
      E-mail: sales@importmonster.com.au