Be careful about
“Imitation” wheels!

Recently, a many “Imitation” wheels of WedsSport “TC105X FORGED” was discovered overseas.

The engraving on the disks and spokes is very similar to our original, and general users may mistakenly purchase it.

Our original wheels have passed reliable technology and strength tests, and a “JAWA quality certified” sticker is affixed to the inside of the wheel rim as a proof of quality maintenance and improvement.

Most “Imitation” wheels are cheap but of poor quality and inferior and are very dangerous to use.

Of course, since it is not a genuine product, the purchaser can’t receive our warranty.

So please never buy a “Imitation” wheel!

※If you find a “Imitation” wheel, please let us know at the following website.


Old JAWA sticker(~2014)
Now JAWA sticker(2014~)