A super duralumin “A7075-T6 Forging (MADE IN JAPAN)” racing light alloy nut that has excellent durability in addition to the ultra-light “22g”. Introducing three color variations of black, blue and red with alumite treatment.

Compared to steel racing nuts (42g / piece), which are often used in general racing scenes, the WedsSport racing nuts (22g / piece) have been reduced in weight by 48%.

■Material: Forged aluminum (A7075-T6)
■Full length: 35mm
■Flange diameter:φ25mm
■Width across flats:19HEX
■Mounting seat:Taper seat 60°
■Valid screw:26mm
■Key adapter outer diameter:φ26mm ■Price:¥2,800(set/4pcs)

19HEX JIS (M12×P1.5)
BLACK #52324
BLUE #52325
RED #52326
19HEX ISO (M12×P1.25)
BLACK #52327
BLUE #52328
RED #52329
Material Forged aluminum (A7075-T6)
Full length 35mm
Color Black/Blue/Red
Flange diameter φ25mm
Width across flats 19HEX
Mounting seat Taper seat 60°
Size M12×P1.5/M12×P1.25
Valid screw 26mm
Key adapter outer diameter φ26mm
Price (Tax excluding) ¥3,300(set/4pcs)
19HEX JIS (M12×P1.5)
BLACK #52330
BLUE #52331
RED #52332
19HEX ISO (M12×P1.25)
BLACK #52333
BLUE #52334
RED #52335
Material Forged aluminum (A7075-T6)
Color Black/Blue/Red
Price (Tax excluding) ¥5,500(set/4pcs)
17HEX 38mm JIS(M12×P1.5)
#70069 WS-RN150
17HEX 38mm ISO(M12×P1.25)
#70070 WS-RN125
Material Steel
Length 38mm
Weight 42g
Price (Tax excluding) ¥2,400(set/4pcs)


WedsSport 2piece shell type RACING BOLT LOCK SET (MADE IN JAPAN)

A bolt that uses an aluminum shell cover and is reminiscent of a racing scene.
Stud bolt that realizes rigidity and light weight by combining with the core bolt of chromoly material.

■Price (Tax excluding) : \30,000/set
(Bolt : 16pcs, Lock Bolt : 4pcs, Adapter : 3pcs)

BOLT SIZE CODE COLOR Price (Tax excluding)
14×1.25 52910 BLUE ¥30,000
52911 RED
52912 BLACK
14×1.5 52913 BLUE ¥30,000
52914 RED
52915 BLACK


Ultra-thin and lightweight Aluminum Forged Adapter

Material Forged aluminum (A7075-T6)
Full length 63mm
Price (Tax excluding) ¥1,500(pcs)
21mmHEX [19/21HEX]
21mmHEX [19/21HEX]
17mmHEX [17/19HEX]