LEONIS NAVIA 01 next(レオニス ナヴィア ゼロワン ネクスト)

Please note that colors may appear slightly different than actual finishes due to the computer monitor.


Retail prices on the list are applicable for Japanese market only. Please ask local distributors about their region prices.

[ Advanced Metal Forming ]

Flow-Forming technology “Weds AMF spinning process” creates a tighter aluminum grain structure to be compared to forged wheels. Further weight reduction is achieved by metal compression without sacrificing strength.

TPMS sensor compatibility

Leonis NAVIA series are compatible for TPMP sensor equipment.
Compatible for Skyline(V37) OEM TPMS sensor.

The anti-slip knurling

The anti-slip knurling reduces tire slippage under high torque and braking conditions. This knurling mainly uses for sports type wheels to exploit not only the wheels performance but the tire and vehicle’s performance to a maximum as well.


Nice finishing touch with exclusive LEONIS rim emblem.

Transfer sticker on the spoke.

The accent for individuality and sport, Leonis NAVIA transfer sticker included.


REPAIR PARTS Price (Tax excluding)
〔52984〕Center Cap(for NAVIA 01 next) ¥3,000/1pc
〔50302〕Long Socket Adaptor(#A7) ¥600/1pc
〔52985〕Dedicated black steel valve ¥1,200/1pc