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[Includes] Flat Center Cap type 2

[OPTION PARTS] Center Cap type 2

[OPTION PARTS] Flat Center Cap type 2

*Flat center cap may not fit to some cars due to the hub clearance. Please check “HUB CLEARANCE” in the specification table and actual car.


JPY 1,000 (Tax excluding)
Center Cap, BBM(# 52762) JPY 2,500 (Tax excluding)
Center Cap, Gloss Black
(# 52491)
JPY 2,500 (Tax excluding)


All of WEDS wheels listed on this website comply with the Technical Standards for Automotive Light Alloy Disk Wheels (JWL for passenger cars and JWL-T for trucks and buses). Furthermore, having passed the rigorous tests conducted by the Automotive Light Alloy Wheel Testing Council and our wheels acquire the VIA mark. However, unless the company is found to be liable for compensation under the law, Weds accepts no responsibility and offers no warranty in the event of accidents or deformed or cracked wheels caused by any of the following circumstances: driving the car in places where motor vehicles don’t usually go; driving the car on a racing circuit; using the car to race in a rally or for similar purposes that will exceed the limits on its use; by modifying the car illegally; and by failing to perform everyday maintenance checks that would have identified the defect responsible for the issue.


Extensive machining in the H-cross and logos

Our pursuit to find the ideal spoke cross-section shape for strength led us to develop the “H-cross”. The distinctive H-section cannot be achieved by die molding alone and requires additional machining to in order to be created. By pushing spoke side-machining to new extremes, further weight savings became possible; utilizing this new design concept allowed us to make a lightweight sports wheel which combines brilliant design and weight reduction into one package. The fine machining work utilized to create the logos will catch the eyes of the detail oriented.

The technology accelerates sports wheel evolution

AMF (Advanced Metal Forming) is one variation of rotation forming process that rotates a metal pipe axis and casts the material on the roller.